Screening mAbs with Recombinant Lectins and Ion Mobility Spectrometry

· Ion Mobility,Lectins,mAbs

Accelerated drug development requires a new way to screen glycoproteins. IonDX Inc. hasdeveloped a bench-top analytical system to address this need. Our patented atmosphericpressure ion mobility spectrometer, IMgenius™, along with recombinant prokaryotic lectin (RPL) reagents, quantifies specific glycans and binding efficiency.

• Platform technology – 3 min assay• Improved specificity over plant-based lectins • Mobility shifts reveal subpopulations • Minimum sample preparation • Detection of surface glycans

The recent global pandemic has highlighted the impact of nucleic acid-based modalities.Messenger RNA (mRNA) and double stranded DNA plasmids are being used in emerginggene and cell therapies. Large sized nucleic acid moieties remain challenging to analyzeusing traditional LC-MS techniques due to structural heterogeneity, ionization anddetection limitations. IonDX™ has developed a bench-top atmospheric pressure ion mobility spectrometer, IMgenius™ to address such challenges. This patented technology was used to profile native mRNA and DNA constructs ranging in sizes from 320kD to 2.83MDa.

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